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Carlos Prosperi (Editor-in-Chief)

Affiliated Address : Blas Pascal University, Environmental Management, Cordoba , and CONICET (National Research Council), Postal code - 5147, Argentina

Research Interest :

Hydrobiology, Biofertilizers, Nitrogen fixation, Cyanobacteria

Email : cprosperi@yahoo.com.ar

Joseph A. Orluchukwu

Affiliated Address : University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt - 500102, Rivers State, Nigeria

Research Interest :

Agronomy, and Plant breeding

Email : josephorluchukwu@yahoo.com

Bakul Ranjan Jana

Affiliated Address : Research Centre for Makhana, ICAR RCER PATNA, BASUDEOPUR, Darbhanga, Bihar, India

Research Interest :

Horticulture, Food Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding

Email : https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7402-6631

Mohammed Hadi Makhouf

Affiliated Address : University of Tripoli, Faculty of Sciences. Department of Botany, Tripoli - 50676. Libya

Research Interest :

Floristic studies, Plat taxonomy, Biodiversity, Ethnobotany

Email : mahklouf64@yahoo.com

V. A. Dragavtsev

Affiliated Address : Department of genetics, Institution of Science "Ural Federal Agrarian Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences," Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Research Interest :

Genetics of populations, ecologic, physiologic genetics of plants, genetics of quantitative characters, theory of breeding, high breeding technologies. 

Email : dravial@mail.ru

Gowhar Ahmad Shapoo

Affiliated Address : Plant Tissue Culture Research Laboratory Department of Botany, University of Kashmir-190006, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Research Interest :

Plant tissue culture, ethnobotany, plant taxonomy, reproductive and molecular Biology.

Email : gowharashapoo057@gmail.com

Basel Natsheh

Affiliated Address : Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarem, P.O Box 7 , west bank, Palestine

Research Interest :

Land and water resources management, Water salinity and water reuse, hydroponic and Aquaponic agriculture, soilless agriculture.

Email : baselnatsheh@hotmail.com

R. Raj Kumar

Affiliated Address : UPASI Tea Research Foundation, Koundampaalayam, Coimbatore 541 030, Tamil Nadu, India

Research Interest :

Agronomy, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental sciences, and Extension

Email : weganr@rediffmail.com

Thundiathu Thomas Binoy

Affiliated Address : Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, 689645, India

Research Interest :

Eco Phycology, Terrestrial algae

Email : bttkripa@gmail.com

Abiola Toyin AJAYI

Affiliated Address : Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria

Research Interest :

Interested in mutation breeding of cowpea for drought and aluminum toxicity tolerance. Interested in mutation breeding and production of hybrid tomato for improved fruit quality and yield.

Email : toyin.ajayi@aaua.edu.ng

Gbenonchi MAWUSSI

Affiliated Address : Laboratory Research on Agroresources and Environmental Health, University of Lome, BP 1515, Lome, Togo

Research Interest :

Agronomy, Soil Sciences, Environment

Email : gmawussi@gmail.com

Mercy Gospel AJURU

Affiliated Address : Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, Rivers State University, 34, Grace Avenue, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Research Interest :

Plant taxonomy, Phytochemistry, Medicinal plants, Anatomy, Morphology, Ethnobotany

Email : ajurumercygospel@yahoo.com

Waseem Asghar Khan

Affiliated Address : Department of Mathematics, Majmaah University, P.O. Box 1712, Zulfi 11932, Saudi Arabia

Research Interest :

Computational Sciences and Optimization

Email : waseemasg@gmail.com

Dr. Gergana DESHEVA

Affiliated Address : Institute of Plant Genetic Resources-Sadovo, 2 Druzhba str., 4122 Sadovo, Bulgaria

Research Interest :

Collecting, evaluation, characterization and maintenance of ex situ collections of wheat species and its wild relatives. Storage of PGR in seed genebank. Monitoring of storage; data base for maintaine of genetic diversity and forecasts for the necessity of reproduction of seed samples. Varietal identity, inter-varietal variation and intra-varietal variation in cereals by protein markers. 

Email : gergana_desheva@abv.bg

Dr. Nathalia V. Matsishina (Editor)

Affiliated Address : Federal Scientific Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A.K. Chaiki, 692539 Russia

Research Interest :

Plant protection, phytovirusology, phytoimmunology, phytopathology, entomology, molecular biology, breeding.

Email : mnathalie134@gmail.com

Dr. Hirdesh Kumar Sachan

Affiliated Address : Department of Crop Science, College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry ,Fiji National University, Fiji

Research Interest :

Cropping systems, Weed management, Organic agriculture, Climate change, Sustainable agriculture, Soil fertility management

Email : hirdesh.sachan@fnu.ac.fj

Dr. S R Bishnoi

Affiliated Address : Scientist, ICAR-IARI , New Delhi , India

Research Interest :

Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Nutrition and Food security, Bio fortification and Adoption

Email : srbishnoi@iari.res.in



Research Interest :

Specialization in Horticulture (spices, plantation, medicinal and aromatic crops).

Email : Bhagya.HP@icar.gov.in